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Beet It Big Tom Royal Warrant
  • Beet It 75cl glass bottle
  • Beet It with Ginger 75cl glass bottle
  • Beet It with Passion 75cl glass bottle
  • Beet It 1l PurePak
  • 7cl Beet It Organic Shot
  • 7cl Beet It SPORT Shot
  • 25cl Beet It SPORT Nitrate 3000
  • 60g Beet It Bar

Beet It

Organic beetroot juice

Beet It organic beetroot juice is blended with 10% apple juice to smooth the earthy aftertaste of beetroot and create a really delicious drink.

Beetroot doesn't feature highly on most of our diets and the idea of drinking beetroot juice probably doesn't excite anyone too much, but this fabulous deep purple juice with a surprisingly sweet, and slightly earthy yet rich taste is a great drink for all occasions.

We are proud to supply over 100 research universities and institutes throughout the world that are currently researching the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway for both medical and sport studies. For more information, visit the Beet It website.

Our Organic shot is a 70ml shot of concentrated organic beetroot juice (98%) cut with concentrated organic lemon juice (2%), made from concentrates. Used by health-conscious individuals of all ages, the Organic shot contains 0.3g natural dietary nitrate per shot; there are no added preservatives. It was developed in conjunction with the Medical Research teams at the William Harvey Research Institute and Exeter University. Their work with Beet It shots has attracted widespread press interest. The nitrate level in the Organic shots is approximately equivalent to 300ml single strength beetroot juice - although the nitrate content in the single strength juice varies widely from crop to crop.

Beet It SPORT is also a 70ml shot with a similar blend of concentrated beetroot juice (98%) cut with concentrated lemon juice (2%), made from concentrates. The SPORT shot was developed specifically for the elite and sub-elite sporting world, and is currently being used by many athletes (including international rugby, premier league football and UCI Pro Tour cycling teams, as well as the GB, Australian, Canadian, US, Dutch and New Zealand Olympic teams).

The SPORT shot contains 0.4g natural dietary nitrate per shot - a 33% increase on the Organic version. This is equivalent to around 400ml of single strength juice, and provides the maximum intake of nitrate in the smallest volume of liquid possible. This is why it is preferred by elite athletes as a quick and easy-to-take shot. As well as being entirely natural, the SPORT shot is cut with lemon juice, which reduces the taste of beetroot making it more palatable for those that do not favour the taste (it can also be diluted to consume).

Visit the dedicated Beet It website at to find out more.

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