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New BEET IT SPORT flapjacks now available for online ordering

Following almost a year of product development, we're happy to announce that last week Beet It introduced a new beetroot-based flapjack to the market in response to consumer demand.

The Pro-Elite Beetroot & Oat Flapjack delivers the same dose of nitrate that athletes get from a single Beet It shot, but in a more palatable format, for those who find a SPORT shot too heavy before races.

The bars are lactose-free and similar in taste to a cereal bar, making them a handy-on-the-go product for athletes in training or a healthy 'elevenses' snack.

BEET IT founder and Managing Director Lawrence Mallinson said: "The Beet It Sport flapjack has just arrived in Suffolk. It is a great tasting oatmeal bar packed with beetroot concentrate - with a dietary nitrate content of 0.4g, the same as a BEET IT SPORT shot. We developed the bars specially to provide an easier to consume alternative to the BEET IT shots - which are very intense - to top up your natural nitrate intake."

"The Beet It shots have been a huge success with the elite sports world. There has been a stream of published research findings from the over 100 universities worldwide that have been carrying out dietary nitrate supplementation research with our BEET IT shots over the past five years. BEET IT is now the most exciting and delicious new aid to achieving that elusive personal best."

The Pro-Elite bars are now available for online ordering and will be being stocked in stores worldwide alongside existing BEET IT products in the coming months. A box of 15 SPORT bars cost £29.00 and is available now from our online shop.

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BEET IT backs Global Sustainability Jam

BEET IT backs Global Sustainability Jam

Last year we supported a Global Sustainability Jam in London - a weekend where a range of business owners and students shared ideas on future sustainability initiatives.

It was a fantastic opportunity to find new ways that everyone can make their lives and businesses more sustainable.

Many new product ideas were created with sustainability in mind and the diversity of ideas and concepts will likely keep people talking and developing into 2014.

A range of experts attended the event both from a business and sustainability background. If you'd like to get involved in future events then head to the Sustainability Jam website ».

Sustainability Jam video: ».

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BEET IT cycling kits now on sale!

BEET IT cycling kits now on sale!

Many months ago now we had some customers drop us a line via our social media pages asking where they could buy some Beet It branded cycling gear.

We'd never actually created such a thing but thought it was a great idea, so asked our fans to pick one of three proposed designs that would eventually be put into production.

We're now really pleased to announce that a very limited run of these kits have arrived in the office and are now available to order!

Designed by Decca, and featuring items from their Elite range, the tops are retailing at £39.00 and the bibshorts at £60.00. For anyone who wants to buy the full kit, we'll also throw in a FREE case of Beet It SPORT shots (worth £27.00).

Decca is a Belgium-based company which has spent half a century providing the finest apparel for the hard men and women of amateur and professional cycling, and their Elite range uses highly advanced technology and materials to deliver a great performing at affordable prices.

To purchase the Beet It cycling kits, head to:

Men's tops »
Men's shorts »
Women's tops »
Women's shorts »

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Beet It launches Fire and Passion

Beet It launches Fire and Passion

It's full steam ahead at Beet It HQ! After the massive Olympics success with our SPORT shots and the finishing touches being applied to our new production plant in rural Suffolk (we are still working out a few teething issues) it was time to turn our attention to our Beet IT Juice. We have decided to extend the Beet It family and have come up with two new blends that alter the flavour of the beetroot enough to allow those who do not necessarily enjoy the original juice's taste to enjoy the benefits of natural dietary nitrate.

The new flavours, Beet IT with Passion fruit and Beet IT with Ginger, combine two great tasting natural ingredients with 80% beetroot juice to produce a juice that is naturally high in dietary nitrate.

You can buy them to try them from the James White website at

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