Beet It Sport range

Nitrate 400 Shot – 70ml

£20.00 (15x 7cl)


The Nitrate 400 shot delivers a controlled 400mg dose of dietary nitrate, derived solely from concentrated beetroot juice – packed into a super-convenient 70ml shot.

Tested by over a decade of independent scientific research worldwide – the Nitrate 400 shot is the natural nitrate product most trusted by the worlds sporting elite.

Nitrate 3000 Concentrate – 250ml

£36.00 (6x 25cl)

The Nitrate 3000 super concentrate delivers a controlled 3000mg dose of dietary nitrate, derived from 100% super concentrated beetroot juice.

Each bottle contains 7 servings and each 35ml serving contains 400mg dietary nitrate, which is the equivalent to one Nitrate 400 shot. Dilute each serving with a suggested 150ml of water, or simply add to yoghurt and smoothies.