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Minstrel's poetry page

They Want My Carrot Juice

by Minstrel Mallinson, bunny

I sit and survey all around
A fox I spot is on the loose
He stares alertly back at me
He wants my carrot juice.

And next I see two ears go by
Hopping past a nearby spruce
A rival rabbit with intent
He wants my carrot juice.

Then up above and by surprise
Flies by a squawky goose
I go inside to lock the door
And save my carrot juice.

Hello and welcome to my poetry page!

My name is Minstrel and I am the much loved friend of the Mallinson family.

I am a boy and I live in a garden in Wandsworth (South West London) except at night time, when I come inside to avoid the naughty foxes. I really do like carrot juice - though I am not sure if the foxes really are after my carrot juice or just me!

Please do share your poems and pictures with me and I will post as many as I can here - I'm a clever bunny! You can send your poems together with a picture to Minstrel@jameswhite.co.uk »