Mixed Case


Choose 6 x 75cl bottles of your choice to make your own case of James White Drinks!

Product Quantity
Big Tom (750ml)
Beet It Organic (750ml)
Beet It with Ginger (750ml)
Organic Vegetable Juice (750ml)
Organic Apple Juice (750ml)
Organic Carrot & Apple Juice (750ml)
Organic Apple & Ginger Juice (750ml)
Organic Pear & Raspberry Juice (750ml)
Organic Tomato Juice (750ml)
Organic Carrot Juice (750ml)
Organic Pear Juice (750ml)
Great Uncle Cornelius' Famous Spiced Ginger (750ml)
Great Uncle Cornelius' Ginger Refresher (750ml)
Great Uncle Cornelius' Rhubarb Refresher (750ml)
Great Uncle Cornelius' Lemon Refresher (750ml)
Classic Bramley Apple Juice (750ml)
Classic Cox Apple Juice (750ml)
Classic Russet Apple Juice (750ml)
Classic Apple & Elderflower Juice (750ml)
Classic Apple & Summer Berries Juice (750ml)
Classic British Carrot Juice (750ml)
Prune Juice 6 x 750ml
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Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16.5 × 30 cm


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